Sunday is the finale of HBO’s The Night Of, and the previous seven episodes have provided some plotlines that need to be resolved. But with only one episode left, there’s a bit of fear that several of these threads may be left dangling. Are we going to find out what this limited series was really about?

First and foremost, of course, is the question of Nasir Khan’s guilt or innocence. Did he or did he not murder Andrea Cornish? Will he be found guilty of first-degree murder or will his defense lawyers create enough reasonable doubt for him to be acquitted?

Even if writers Richard Price and Steven Zaillian are trying to tell a bigger story about the criminal justice system, the series can’t end without answering those questions. Otherwise, thousands of televisions around the country will be destroyed Sunday night and the TV internet will melt down.


But what about the other prominent characters in this series? What will happen to John Stone, and why did we spend so much time following the story of a man’s battle with eczema? Where does Detective Dennis Box go from here, now that he’s about to retire and perhaps has questions about how thoroughly he investigated his final case? And what about Andrea’s cat, who is now living with Stone and irritating his allergies?

What do people want to see the most from the series finale? We put the question to our Twitter followers, and conducted a vote. Here are the results:

The big takeaway is that no one seems to care about poor Naz anymore. He’s certainly made himself into an unsympathetic character, embracing the prison thug life just a bit too easily while also not showing enough concern for what this murder case has done to his parents’ lives. (Maybe they keep some of that from him.) Maybe some of the people who voted were just trying to be funny, but Naz being found innocent isn’t necessarily the resolution people want to see.

Perhaps more surprising is that the voting percentages for John Stone’s feet and Box’s future golf game ended up tied. Are people just tired of seeing Stone’s itchy, inflamed feet and his inability to deal with them? Or does that story appear to have a happy ending, thanks to “Doctor” Yee and the amazing Chinese herbs that made our favorite precinct-crawling lawyer able to wear real shoes again. (His sex drive was also restored, but maybe the less said about that, the better.)

But Box becoming an avid golfer? He looked at the golf clubs his fellow cops gave him the way many of us would look at being served school cafeteria pizza on our birthday. Retirement will not go well for this guy. He’ll probably end up becoming a sad private investigator or a semi-permanent presence at that bar he loves. Maybe he and Stone can open up an office together.


Clearly, the people who voted in our Twitter poll don’t like to see animals hurt and can’t bear the thought of a perfectly happy, loving kitty put down. At one point, it appeared that maybe Andrea’s kitty would be the key to the case. Look, the back door doesn’t lock! I come and go as I please! In New York City! But Stone’s pathologist discovered that while investigating Andrea’s swank Upper West Side brownstone.

Is the cat destined for a life with John Stone? To be restricted to a bedroom with bowls of cat food, toys and clean litter boxes quickly shuttled in? Even Naz gets to leave his prison cell and smoke some meth or get tattoos. Maybe the kitty will end up with Chandra Kapoor, whose law career might not have a very prosperous future as she’s prone to make out with her client in his holding cell.

So will the people get their wish? Will Andrea’s cat end up in a good home with someone who can provide more than a room and regular cans of 9 Lives? Hopefully, we will find out on Sunday.

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