Jared Jeffries on The Price is Right

The pressure of hitting a game-winning shot in basketball and winning a car on The Price is Right probably has some similarities. For Jared Jeffries, he now has the experience of doing both.

The former Indiana Hooser star played and won a brand new car during Monday’s episode of The Price is Right. After winning a couple of Tag Heuer watches worth $3,200, and being the first contestant out of Contestant’s Row, Jeffries played the “One Away” game for a brand new Toyota Corolla. In his second chance of getting the price right, Jeffries was successful and guessed $22,376 to win the Corolla.

Jeffries played for Indiana for two seasons beginning in 2000, with his final collegiate game taking place in the 2002 NCAA Championship final. In 2002, Jeffries was drafted by the Washington Wizards and played 13 NBA seasons with the Wizards, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, and Portland Trail Blazers. In retirement, Jeffries hosted the show Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries, which ran for four seasons.

For the near seven-foot-tall Jeffries, trying to fit himself in a Corolla is going to be a tall task. Maybe he can sell the car or give it to a loved one or make it work since, other than paying the tax, it is a free car.

Unfortunately, Jeffries’ TPIR run ended on the Showcase Showdown when he could not beat 95 cents on “The Big Wheel.” Jeffries tweeted that it was a lifelong dream of his to be on The Price is Right so congratulations to Jared on living that dream.


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