House of Cards, Netflix’s popular political series will return shortly with the debut of their fourth season of the show. But the show has made headlines beforehand thanks to President Frank Underwood and the Smithsonian.

During a premiere event held Monday night, the presidential portrait for Underwood was revealed at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. The event featured real-life political figures gathering to watch Kevin Spacey play the fictional Underwood in the unveiling.

“I’m pleased that the Smithsonian continues to prove itself as a worthwhile institution,” Spacey said while playing Underwood at the event, according to the Smithsonian, via ABC News. “I’m one step closer to convincing the rest of the country that I am the president.”

Jonathan Yeo was responsible for creating the portrait. If the name is familiar, it is because Yeo was also responsible for creating a portrait of George W. Bush from pornographic magazines. According to The Guardian, when speaking of the Underwood portrait, Yeo said it was intended to make the audience uncomfortable.

“If you compare it to what Frank spends a good amount of time doing, which is looking you directly in the eye and telling you exactly what he thinks, this is a pretty direct address, so I think he’d be pleased with it,” Spacey said, via The Guardian. He would also add that he doesn’t think a portrait of himself would be particularly interesting, as he considers himself not quite as interesting as his characters.

“But I love this, I’m honored that I’m going to hang in the Smithsonian, it’s pretty remarkable, as it was when I found myself with the Richard III portrait hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London,” Spacey said. “It’s just an incredible honor. I hope I can play characters in the future that Jonathan thinks are really interesting to capture.”

It certainly is cool to see something like that created and go up into the Smithsonian if you’re a fan of the series, and it surely must be one heck of an experience for Spacey.

[Photo: Reuters]

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