Amidst 90’s nostalgia, and the internet not understanding when to let something go, Netflix has renewed “Fuller House” for a second season. Netflix basically always renews its shows for a second season, but even this is surprising considering how polarizing this show has been among critics and the general public. Since Netflix doesn’t release any kind of viewership data, there’s no way to know how this show is doing other than the social media buzz, but if that’s any indicator than the show is probably doing just fine.

This revival has been in the hopper for many years, but it took until now to finally get the show made.

“I started back in 2007 with this idea and I’ve been trying to get it set up, off and on — it took six or seven years for me to get this going,” Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin said to Variety.

“I knew that this kind of excitement was going to be there, but nobody else seemed to get it. I was pitching to networks that ‘Full House’ reruns were beating every night — we were airing 40 times a week and getting millions and millions of viewers. For some reason, a whole bunch of networks didn’t understand the hunger that was out there for this show. It was baffling me. Netflix finally stepped up, and that’s why it’s happening now. It could have happened seven years or eight years ago, but it didn’t.”

There are probably good reasons for why it took eight years to get this revival off the ground; just the perfect amount of 90’s nostalgia, right amount of internet buzz and also enough people actually wanting to hate-watch this show. Reviews like this are probably why,

There’s also Margaret Lyons of Vulture, for instance.

“The first four minutes of ‘Fuller House’ are four of the most excruciating TV minutes ever broadcast; shrill, garish, unfunny, and further poisoned by the live audience’s baffling apparent appetite to hear the catchphrases of the show repeated now, in modernity. ‘How rude’ elicits applause. Future societies will have no choice but to judge us harshly for our sins.”

Now, the internet will have many more chances to rage at excess nostalgia. Can’t wait to see how Twitter treats the new “Legends of the Hidden Temple” TV movie.


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