Fans of the animated science fiction show Futurama have never given hope that they might see Fry, Leela, and Bender once again. The bad news is that it remains highly unlikely they’ll be able to see the crew of the Planet Express Ship anytime soon. The good news is that they’ll at least be able to hear them.

The cast and writers will reunite for a one-time podcast episode tied into the mobile game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. It will premiere on Nerdist’s network on September 14th.

Worlds of Tomorrow lets players interact with the show’s characters and play out a new story. After playing the game, tune in to the podcast, which picks up after the game’s story and continues it.

All of the show’s original voice actor return for the episode, including Billy West, Katey Sagal, and John DiMaggio, giving fans the full Futurama experience. While you don’t have to play the game to listen to the podcast, game players will be able to listen early with a sneak peek easter egg hidden inside.

Futurama originally ran for seven seasons, first on Fox and then on Comedy Central, before ending its run in 2003. Those who need to catch up can watch the entire series on Hulu. For those looking to watch something from show creator Matt Groening, his new animated show Disenchantment was recently picked up by Netflix and will premiere in the near future.

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