One of the best things a television series can do lately is be an anthology series. Some of the more recent and popular anthology series include True Detective, Fargo, and American Horror Story.

Ryan Murphy’s Feud on FX could soon be added to that list.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the second season of Feud on FX won’t appear on TV until 2018, but it will be worth it if you like British royalty. The second season will be Feud: Charles and Diana.

That’s right – the second season of Feud will focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The reason why it won’t air until 2018? Well the series hasn’t even debuted its first season yet!

The first season of Feud is Feud: Bette and Joan and is set in Hollywood. The season comes out March 5th and focuses on the “feud” between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

To renew a series for a second season before the first season begins is a bold movie for FX at first glance, but when you look at it on a broader scope, it isn’t too surprising. For one, Murphy has a long string of successful shows he has created including Nip/TuckGlee, and current FX anthology hit American Horror Story.

On top of Murphy’s success being a reason for renewing the show for a second season, British based shows have done very well in the United States lately. Two of the more popular shows include The Crown and Downtown Abbey.

Murphy spoke to THR about the reasoning behind choosing Charles and Diana as the focus of Feud‘s second season.

“I don’t want to do another woman to woman feud, and I certainly would never do another Hollywood feud because I don’t think you can top Bette [Davis] and Joan [Crawford],” Murphy told THR. “I’m interested in this show being a two hander that’s really about the human dilemma of pain and misunderstanding. And I think you need a long period of time, maybe 20 to 40 years, to have a big back story.”

Again, the first season of Feud entitled Feud: Bette and Joan debuts on March 5th on FX.

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