Game of Thrones has arguably one of the most anticipated final seasons of a TV show in a very long time. No offense to shows like Mad MenBreaking Bad or The Sopranos but whether you like the show or not, Game of Thrones has them beat.

It is a show that is renowned worldwide and millions of people are dying to know what is going to happen to everyone in the final season, that may not premiere until 2019. And considering the lengths people have gone to leak previous episodes and spoil upcoming storylines before, HBO knows it’ll be even worse coming up. So they are combating that with some very elaborate ways to keep people on the outside from knowing about the story.

We have been made aware of multiple endings being filmed to throw people off the scent of what will actually happen, but to hear Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) talk, things are really going next level.

“I got six of [the scripts], I’ve got them all,” actor Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos Seaworth, told IGN, but “I can’t open them because of all the security, and I can’t walk it out.” The scripts are entirely digital, and can only be accessed in the show’s studio in Belfast. That might sound paranoid, but considering Kit Harington’s hair was front-page news a few years ago, HBO is right to worry about the season’s entire plot leaked online, again. As for what happens in the most anticipated series finale since Breaking Bad, Cunningham replied, “I can’t open them!”

Yeah, actors on the show can only access scripts in the studio. I’m sure that kind of affects how they study and memorize their lines but it is a great way to keep things a secret.

[Uproxx/Photo: HBO]

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