The San Francisco Girl Scouts have teamed up with a marijuana dispensary to try and convince patrons to donate to the kindergarten to college charity program.

According to Apothecarium dispensary spokesman, Eliot Dobris, the bet was simple:

“The winner would get fresh-baked cookies from the loser. So the Girl Scouts won.”

Well alright then.

This isn’t the first time the Girl Scouts and a dispensary have teamed up. They did so back in 2014, and naturally it went viral. The timing is pretty great for this latest bet, as the Girl Scouts just debuted some new cookie flavors.

Girl Scout Troop Mother Carol Lei pointed out that this was a great opportunity for both sides and a teaching moment as well.

“It was a great experience for me to bring my girls in front of a dispensary and have that conversation about drugs and people may be different and have certain needs.”

For the Apothecarium, this was a nice chance to team up with a community staple and break previous social norms.

It’s a strong demonstration that dispensaries are safe places,” said Dobris.

You may be worried about the type of cookies the Girl Scouts would get in this bet, but the dispensary has assured the media that they’ll be on the straight and narrow.

“Obviously, they will be kid-friendly cookies,” said Dobris.


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