A familiar face from an iconic sports movie series will be spending some time in a Los Angeles County jail. Shaun Weiss, an actor known for his portrayal of Goldberg the goalie in The Mighty Ducks franchise, pleaded no contest to petty theft after stealing items from an electronics store.

According to TMZ, Weiss was at a Fry’s Electronics store and stole $151 worth of merchandise. After being arrested, he entered his no contest plea and was sentenced to 150 days in jail for his crime. If the jail sentence seems a bit harsh for the crime, TMZ reports that the longer sentence was due to Weiss having a previous petty theft charge on his record.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Goldberg has been at the center of a controversy. Back in 2013, Weiss was accused of a pee-related assault on his girlfriend and received a restraining order for his alleged actions. That case was later dismissed, but it was a mark on the actor’s resume.

Weiss’ manager, Don Gibble, spoke with TMZ and said that Weiss hopes the time in jail will be a benefit and that he may be able to get some writing done. It’s assumed that the writing he references relates to his stand-up comedy, but we’ll hope it’s about goaltending.

Maybe he’s still dealing with the fact Julie “The Cat” Gaffney surpassed him on the depth chart?

Let’s take a second to remember Goldberg during one of his better moments.


Photo via TMZ

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