Justin Bieber didn’t let his high-profile stop him from sharing his feelings about getting his stick intentionally snapped on a dirty slash in a men’s league game.

Video from TMZ shows the Canadian pop star playing his nation’s most popular sport. The Biebs rushes the front of the net, waiting to accept a pass from his teammate, when an opposing player viciously swings his stick at Bieber’s, breaking his twig in half.

There’s plenty of f-bombs dropped during the scuffle, as Bieber is fired up. He didn’t drop the mitts against the stick-breaker, but considering how pissed he seemed, I’m sure he would if asked. *Don Cherry-ist voice* “That’s a good ol’ Canadian boy right there!”

It’s probably too late now to say sorry. If the slashing opponent chooses to do so again in the future, Bieber will unleash a new hit solely for him.

[SB Nation]

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