Two years ago, MLB writer Jonah Keri had a Twitter meltdown when the band Lifehouse performed on a flight he was on. This week, Southwest revealed that they apparently don’t give a shit about the feelings of Keri or other travelers looking to rest, work, or unwind during a long flight, because they announced a partnership with Warner Music Nashville that extends their contract to provide concerts on planes during flights.

Billboard apparently thinks in-flight concerts are enjoyable, based on this blurb from their writeup on the agreement.

With this new partnership, Southwest will continue their history of pop-up shows on board flights featuring WMN artists, with the label also agreeing to continue their tradition of traveling with the airline.

Perhaps the most popular aspect of the agreement is the continuation of the Live at 35 in-air concert series, as well as the Opry at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park series of summer concerts. Launched as a curiosity in 2011, the Live at 35 series has only grown in popularity over the past six years, as Southwest passengers hope that their flight will be one of the lucky ones to feature a sure-to-go-viral performance.

Dammit, no.

When I’m on a flight, especially a longer flight (like one that would have enough time for a concert), I want to read, listen to podcasts, and sleep. I don’t want to deal with a damn concert, acoustic or not, just rows away from me. I’m sure many travelers feel the same way, and I can’t really see why this is something Southwest continues to pursue. Who demanded this?!?!


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