The Emmy Awards are going on as you read this (assuming you’re reading this before, say, 11 PM Eastern on Sunday night). While they don’t have the typical buzz of the Oscars (though you might remember Rami Malek’s pitch-perfect acceptance speech last year), they do have Stephen Colbert hosting, and the ability to draw in a few cameos.

Tonight, that included former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who is now perhaps most famous for being lampooned by Melissa McCarthy’s uncanny impression.

Colbert opened a bit by asking, seemingly rhetorically, whether there was anyone in the audience who knew how big the audience was. And then, this happened:

Colbert didn’t exactly let Spicer off the hook:

“That really soothes my fragile ego. I can understand why you’d want one of these guys around. Melissa McCarthy, everybody, give it up!”

That’s a solid two-part joke from Colbert, mocking Spicer for his tendencies at the White House as well as bringing the SNL connection home. McCarthy seemed more bemused than amused, didn’t she?

You can turn on CBS if you want to watch the rest of the show. If Colbert pulled out that surprise in hour 1, there’s no telling what else might be in store for the remainder of the evening.

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