When the credits rolled on Home Alone (and its various sequels, I assume… did you know there was a Home Alone 5 on ABC Family?), protagonist Kevin McCallister was safe at home with his loving family, free from all malevolent home invaders. But did anyone every consider the enduring toll the young boy’s misadventures might have on his long term mental health?

:DRYVRS, a new comedic web series chronicling a guy’s experiences with an Uber-like car-sharing service, got the original Kevin McCallister, Macaulay Culkin to reprise his most famous role in a five-minute short. The video portrays a grown-up McCallister as a long-haired, goateed, maladjusted and potentially psychotic adult.

McCallister offers to drive his girlfriend’s car despite not knowing how to drive, then agrees to let the customer take the wheel instead. When the customer jokes that it’s “ice cold” of McCallister to forward his own mother to voicemail, McCallister launches into a hilarious spiel about how hard it was to be abandoned by his family at Christmas time and left to defend his house from home invaders. “I mean, I still have nightmares about, like, this bald weirdo dude chasing me around,” he says.

Maybe the funniest line comes when McCallister says his mom didn’t come back for him because, “She was too busy being a groupie to a polka band or something like that.”

McCallister also retains some of his bad-guy stopping abilities, though he goes a little further with the whole household-weapon thing in his adult incarnation.

As for Culkin, we haven’t heard from him much since his 2004 drug arrest, but it’s good to see he can laugh at himself, or at least his character.


The video is all-around pretty funny. You can watch it right here.

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