Home Alone

If there is one thing good Christmas movies have in common, it is that there are some injuries that the bad guys take that are sure to leave a mark. Some of the pranks shown in classic films such as Home Alone and Elf should probably come with a disclosure to “not try this at home,” but just how dangerous are some of these acts?

We already know that Marv and Harry would be sent away to jail for a very, very long time if they were caught in the act in real life, but just how likely would it be for them to survive some of the brutal tricks setup by nemesis Kevin McCallister? Paint can to the head? Blowtorching your head? Stepping on a nail and slipping down icy concrete steps? And that’s just for starters. We won’t put you through the test runs of such stunts. Instead, we’ll let these guys on YouTube do it for you.

But Home Alone isn’t the only Christmas movie that doles out some pain its stars. Can you really shoot your eye out with a BB gun, as is so often suggested in A Christmas Story? How much pain can be experienced if hit by snowballs at rocket speed as shown in Elf? We head to our YouTube experts once again to find out.

And now we all know that yes, these traps and stunts would indeed [in my best Jared Leto Joker voice] hurt you really, really bad.

Don’t try this at home. Alone.


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