Everybody had a take after Will Smith shocked the world by slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars Sunday night. Even O.J. Simpson, who lacks just enough self-awareness to discuss the now infamous smack and drew the ire of Howard Stern for doing so.

“If you wanna get even more nauseous, O.J. weighed in on this act of violence,” Stern said on his Wednesday morning SiriusXM Radio show. “This is why our country’s gone insane, the world’s gone insane. O.J., who of course has no impulse control whatsoever – everything about this clip I’m about to play you is wrong.”

With music blaring in the background, Simpson offered his thoughts from a bar or club and shared it on Twitter in a video that has now amassed more than 1 million views.

“He says ‘a lot of people are asking me about it,’” Stern added of Simpson’s reasoning for providing his thoughts on the incident. “Yeah, they’re asking you about it because they know you’re a f*cking maniac and it would be funny and hypocritical to hear you actually comment on an act of violence.”

During his analysis, Simpson alleged that if he pulled the same stunt as Smith after his 2007 Las Vegas arrest and conviction for armed robbery, he would’ve received life in prison without parole. Simpson appeared to be pointing to Smith’s ability to return to his seat at the Oscars after smacking Rock across the face.

“Forget Las Vegas,” Stern said. “What happened with you in L.A., with your wife?”

Stern mocked Simpson for weighing in on the Oscars controversy, but the iconic radio host refuses to ignore the disgraced NFL star. Simpson has and continues to be the source of a lot of content for Stern.

“Please stop following O.J.,” Stern told his audience. “Don’t give him a forum, just let me follow him and I’ll play if for you. How’s that? Let me be the only one following O.J.”

A truly noble offer from the King of All Media.


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