It should have been the biggest night of Will Smith’s career, but the Academy Award-winning actor has instead been put though the wringer over the last 12 hours. His harshest critic might be Howard Stern.

Smith’s Oscar for best actor was outshined by his needless slap of Chris Rock. According to Stern, the action was proof that the King Richard star is just like former president Donald Trump.

“Where’s security? This is a live television event,” Stern ranted on his Monday morning SiriusXM Radio show. “Not one person came out, because he’s Will Smith. This is how Trump gets away with s**t. Will Smith and Trump are the same guy. He decided he’s gonna take matters into his own hands. At a time when the world is at war, bad timing, man. Calm your f***ing a** down.”

The incident occurred after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith starring in a G.I. Jane sequel because of her hair. Pinkett-Smith has been open about suffering from alopecia and didn’t appear to appreciate Rock’s joke. Shortly after seeing the look on his wife’s face, Smith stepped on stage, walked over to Rock and smacked the comedian across the face.

“What happened afterwards was disturbing to me,” Stern added. “This Will Smith sits back down in his chair, he’s clearly got a problem, an emotional problem, you could see it from his speech…the guy sits back down, you don’t see any security come over.”

The viral incident, which some have labeled assault despite no charges being pressed, created one of the most stunning moments in live television history. According to Stern, Smith was given the same privileged treatment that Trump often received, allowing them to both get away with actions that others are punished for.

“Let’s say Jessica Chastain’s husband walked up on stage and smacked Chris Rock,” Stern imagined. “You don’t think they would have called police and said we got a madman on the loose?”


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