The Simpsons has created thousands of memorable moments over its 28 season run that have been imitated and recreated all over the world.

This week, one famous scene from the show was redone in Ireland.

The song “Baby on Board” was first shown during a 1993 episode and was “written by Homer” for his barbershop quartet, The Be-Sharps. The Be-Sharps, which included Homer, Barney, Principal Skinner, and Apu reunited and threw an impromptu concert on the top of Moe’s Tavern where they sing the song.

So how was this recreated?

In Dublin, there is an all-male chamber choir known as The Ramparts. The group took to the roof of the Green 19 Café to recreate the iconic scene.

Honestly, their performance wasn’t half bad either.

Homer was pretty impressed.


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