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For the last couple months, Ja Rule and a bevy of supermodels have been promoting a brand new music festival known as “Fyre Festival.” The festival was intended to be a luxury event, but instead has turned into the worst music festival ever.

What’s not to like about a music festival on a private island in the Bahamas with acts such as Major Lazer, Blink 182, Migos, Daya, and so many others?

Back in December, the festival’s official Instagram account released the following promotional video:

Like all great stories, this one begins with a voyage

A post shared by FYRE FESTIVAL (@fyrefestival) on Dec 12, 2016 at 3:36pm PST

That looks pretty sweet, huh? A lot of people bought into the idea of this festival thanks to the lineup, Ja Rule promoting it, the idea of partying in the Bahamas, and well, models promoting it too.

Make sure to get your tickets for @fyrefestival ?weekend two still available! #fyrefestival

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But as we said, the festival that was supposed to start Friday has descended into chaos and has now been canceled.

Before the festival was even canceled, however, bands started to jump ship. For example, Blink 182:

This is what that chaos looks like.

What an exciting ballpit!

Oh, wow, even the Bahamian government isn’t on board…

What a nice luxury concierge, secure lockers, and food options!

Wait. She can’t find food, water, or electricity?

What is this, the Hunger Games? Oh, someone already made that joke.

This really is straight out of a horror movie.

Great job, Ja Rule. Really great job.

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