If you have ever watched The Room, you would never think that the director, writer, executive producer and star of that film would be making the late night rounds or doing a press junket for anything.

The mysterious Tommy Wiseau inadvertently created one of the greatest “so bad, it’s good” movies in The Room and while it had a cult following, not too many people have thought it would have the kind of mainstream success it has now.

Once James Franco created a movie The Disaster Artist based on Greg Sestero’s book about his friendship with Wiseau and the process of making The Room. It’s unlike anything you have ever heard and was about as outrageous as the movie itself.

But because of The Disaster ArtistThe Room has now achieved mainstream interest and Tommy Wiseau is now enjoying the perks of being a mainstream celebrity. When Franco was on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, he brought Wiseau onto the show and the three of them talked.

The scene they show from the movie is about Wiseau (played by Franco) telling the cast that the on-set restroom could only be used by him. That’s a taste of the absurdity of what happened on this film set.

Unlike some other movies that are “so bad, it’s good,” The Room was Tommy Wiseau’s honest attempt at making an Academy Award winning movie. Some people make “so bad, it’s good” movies knowing that they are going to be bad but Wiseau spent $6 million of his own money into making The Room and actually thought he made an Oscar winner.

That didn’t come close to happening but in a very roundabout way, because The Disaster Artist is receiving some Oscar buzz, a movie about the movie may be nominated for an Academy Award and Tommy Wiseau may be chatting it up with Hollywood’s elite, and that may be the most surreal moment yet. Maybe people shouldn’t give up on their dreams, no matter how outlandish or impossible they may be.

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