Academy Award nominated actor Jeremy Renner is controlling his own social media influence with his own app where he will be able to interact with fans and they’ll get access to the latest from the actor.

With this new app, Renner will offer exclusive contests, provide behind-the-scenes live streams on the sets of his movies, photos and clips and other things that nobody else will be able to get.

In the Hollywood Reporter, Renner said:

“I’m always looking for new ways to connect directly with my fans all over the world in our own shared environment,” he said in a statement about the launch. “The escapex platform makes it possible for me to deliver exclusive content and the latest news to my fans all from my mobile phone at any time of day.”

While it’s important for a celebrity to keep a social media presence on the traditional networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, this is a great idea for someone who has that presence to enhance their standing on social media. Many can follow a celebrity on the regular social media channels but the diehard fans can get more access via an app.

This does kind of make Renner look like he’s got a massive ego for having his own app for social media purposes but he’s a great actor and has a bunch of fans. There’s probably a market for an app and if it’s financially successful, could become a trend among other celebrities.

[Hollywood Reporter/Photo: AP]

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