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JJ Redick might be part of the “new media” but he’s got some catching up to do when it comes to old action movie classics.

The never-ending argument over whether or not the Bruce Willis-starring action classic Die Hard qualifies as a Christmas movie takes over Twitter every holiday season (not to mention the other burning questions about the film).

Like so many people around America, Redick sat down to enjoy the John McTiernan film around Christmas and then shared his thoughts on social media. However, the revelation that he shared as part of the tweet shocked and horrified many of his fans.

“Just watched Die Hard for the first time. It’s definitely a Christmas movie,” said Redick.

Shaming people for not having watched a movie is trite and overdone. But also, how in the world has the 38-year-old JJ Redick gone his entire life without watching Die Hard? It’s practically on cable every weekend. It’s available for streaming whenever. It’s been on endless repeat on televisions in households for decades. Has one of his teammates never put it on during a flight or bus trip? Does this also mean he’s never stumbled across Die Hard 2? Die Hard With a Vengeance? The other terrible Die Hard sequels?

The admission sparked some extremely shocking reactions from around the Twitter world.

While JJ is right, he’s the same age as me and just watched Die Hard for the first time. Can’t be trusted,” wrote The Field of 68’s Rob Dauster.

“First time??,” asked ESPN reporter Stephen Holder.

“New law: Five year imprisonment if you haven’t watched Die Hard before you turn 18,” said TV host Morten Stig Jensen.

“Absolutely, it all takes place at Christmas and he’s trying to get home with his family. But the first time?,” pondered basketball insider Adam Zagoria.

Hopefully, Redick will get around to watching Predator sometime before 2027.

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