Every fan of the Star Wars movies is wondering the same thing, including actor Josh Gad. Upon the announcement of the title for the next episode in the intergalactic saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Gad decided to try and get an answer to this question by going right to the source.

Gad is co-starring in an upcoming remake of Murder on the Orient Express with the rising star of the Star Wars universe, Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens). It has been noted the title of the next Star Wars movie is designed in a way to leave people guessing. Who is the last Jedi? Does Jedi refer to one person (Luke Skywalker) or others, as the term “Jedi” can be used in the singular or multiple form? It was a brilliant decision for the title in order to keep fans guessing and speculating.

But as Kylo Ren found out in The Force Awakens, Rey is tough when it comes to interrogations. After all, she has the Force on her side. Ridley did not budge and refused to play Gad’s game. Lucasfilm has trained her well in the ways of spoiler control.

I invited #daisyridley to my trailer under false pretenses. #NotARehearsal #IWantTheTruth #TheLastJedi

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At least you tried, Josh, and we thank you for the effort. (And hey, we found out that Olaf will be in Frozen 2, so this entire exercise wasn’t a waste.) Thankfully, Ridley isn’t spilling the beans before The Last Jedi hits theaters.

Some people may want to go above and beyond to find out as much about the next Star Wars movie as possible, but I prefer to go in with as little knowledge of the plot as possible. Avoiding spoilers can be difficult, but if you manage to do it then you will likely be treated to a better experience once you get in the theater to watch the movie.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set for a Dec. 15 release. Hopefully, Disney and Lucasfilm give us a teaser trailer soon to quell fans’ raging appetite. Also, it would mean Gad leaves Ridley alone on the set of Murder on the Orient Express.


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