Jude Law re-entered the pop culture stratosphere when promotion for his HBO/Sky Atlantic series The Young Pope evolved into the biggest meme of 2017.

People thought the concept for the critically acclaimed show warranted extra attention. The pope being a young and dashing’ Law is inherently silly. The world wide web took the concept and had some fun with it.

Here’s a selection of some of the memes:

Speaking at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Law admitted he didn’t know what a meme was, but now that he does, he loves them:

“Having spent the last week both in New York and [Los Angeles] doing lots of press, I’m very aware now, but at beginning of the week, I was completely unaware of what a meme was,” Law said. “I’ve become very aware and I love them. They’re very funny, and they’re very imaginative.”

Welcome to the modern internet, Mr. Law. Memes are plentiful, but mostly great – as long as they’re not used in an attempt to sway people on public issues. The Young Pope falls perfectly into meme territory. It’s inoffensive and just ridiculous enough to garner infamy.

I’m sure The Young Pope is an entertaining show filled with many notable moments catapulted by Law’s performance, but right now, it’s a meme, until it’s overused and we move onto something else. All press is good press, right?


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