In the land of television, what’s old is new. That’s a mantra that networks are taking literally these days. Channels are already filled with remakes, reboots, and inspired series such as Fargo, Twin Peaks, and Fuller House. We heard recently that NBC would love to take another stab at The Office and 30 Rock, while they’re already laying the groundwork to revive 80s classic Miami Vice.

In an age when it’s so hard to tell what the next big thing is, networks are doubling down on the safety net of nostalgia. So it’s not really too much of a surprise to hear that Fox is currently in “preliminary conversations” with Mike Judge and Greg Daniels to bring back King of the Hill.

According to TVLine, Fox exec Dana Walden is interested in knowing what it would look like to bring the animated hit back for a 14th season.

“We have had preliminary conversations with Greg and Mike,” Walden said. “I would like to explore that [further] with Mike and Greg,” Walden added. “Given what’s going on in the country [under President Trump], I think they have a point of view about how those characters would respond. But it was one meeting. I hope to revisit it.”

Walden was quick to note that both Daniels and Judge “are very busy,” and stressed that the meeting was “a first, exploratory [conversation]…. It’s about finding time [to do it].”

It might be surprising to realize just how long King of the Hill ran, beginning in 1997 and lasting until 2009. The series about the Hill family and their friends in Arlen, Texas was always a casual and mundane counterbalance to The Simpsons and Family Guy, which gave it a folksy charm.

The show had 259 episodes and won two Emmys in what might now be its initial run.

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