Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler.

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler and TV personality Kristin Cavallari were married from 2013-2020, even doing three seasons of reality show Very Cavallari together during that time. But both of them seem quite happy with their decision to get divorced, with those divorce papers filed in April 2020. On his Uncut with Jay Cutler podcast this week (a podcast we’ve previously noted for interviews with Sage Steele and Troy Aikman, amongst others), Cutler (seen at right above above during a 2011 game with the Chicago Bears) said he didn’t lose a lot of money in that divorce, and “When the settlement came through, I threw a party.”

TMZ then talked to Cavallari about that at LAX. Most of the interview is a nothingburger, with Cavallari (seen at left above during that interview) either no-commenting or saying she can’t talk about that settlement. But it’s worth skipping forward to the 1:05 mark. As Cavallari is crossing a crosswalk and finally getting away from the interviewer here, that interviewer throws out a  “Maybe a divorce party for you?”, and she fires back over her shoulder with “I’ve been partying for two years straight.”

Now that’s a good Parthian shot. Apparently Cutler isn’t the only one pleased with how that divorce worked out. And Cavallari probably has less kitchens on fire, goat capers, appearances from “Les Mis,” and trail cams in her life these days.

[Left image from TMZ ; right image from Mike De Sisti/The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, via USA Today Sports]

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