LeVar Burton isn’t letting the Jeopardy! fiasco get him down. The former Reading Rainbow host is set to become the host of a new game show that’s based on a classic quiz game.

According to Deadline, Burton is set to host a game show that’s based on the board game Trivial Pursuit. Along with hosting, he will be an executive producer and help develop the show. That’s probably a smart idea considering how Sony executives handled Burton’s run on Jeopardy!

Last year, Burton was a guest host on Jeopardy! after Alex Trebek’s death. Well, it wasn’t exactly that easy. Burton wasn’t originally on the list of guest hosts and it took a social media campaign and online petition to get him on. He didn’t have the best week but being toward the tail end of the hosting schedule and scheduling him for the week of the Summer Olympics didn’t exactly do him any favors. Burton wasn’t a serious candidate to be the permanent host, even though many viewers liked him for the job and he was one of the few people who wasn’t carrying a potential PR nightmare for Sony, unlike some other guest hosts.

It’s unknown when or where the show will air but it’s one of many projects Hasbro is working on that involves one of their properties. Other projects include a live version of the game Mouse Trap as well as an animated version of Clue for Fox, something based on Dungeons & Dragons, and then a scripted version of Risk by Beau Willimon from House of Cards.

[Deadline/Photo: Jeopardy! via YouTube]

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