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Piers Morgan may be one of the most unpopular individuals in all the media worldwide. The failed CNN host and terrible sports fan recently got into a Twitter spat with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling on their differing views of President Donald Trump.

Rowling needled Morgan further by pointing out that she won an award ahead of him…

And Morgan responded in his typical fashion that he would never read Rowling’s “drivel” which is beloved by millions of people around the world.

Enter Simon Key of the Big Green Bookshop in London. The bookstore owner took to the Big Green Bookshop Twitter account to make sure that Morgan had access to Rowling’s beloved novels. He began tweeting Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first book of the series, to Morgan 140 characters at a time.

Key even has it mapped out that it’s the first of 32,567 tweets from the book that he’s going to send. And thank goodness he’s using the period before the Twitter handle so we can all enjoy reading along with Harry Potter tweet by tweet without also having to follow Piers Morgan on Twitter. Perish the thought.

Key even tucks Piers in bed at night before starting the Harry Potter Twitter barrage over again the next day.

Key told Sky News this delightful quote about why he’s flooding Morgan’s timeline with Harry Potter tweets:

Mr Key said: “I’m doing it because Piers clearly spends all day on Twitter staring at his timeline.

“He clearly needs a bit of a break from all the abuse, so as he mentioned that he hasn’t read any JK Rowling, rather then having to tear himself away from Twitter to read it, I’d tweet him.

“Obviously I’m sending it in bitesize chunks, which hopefully he’ll be able to cope with, rather than giving him the daunting process of reading a whole book.”

What a brilliant idea. Even if Morgan mutes or blocks Key, this is going to be unbelievably good publicity for the bookstore and win over a ton of Harry Potter fans, who probably outnumber Piers Morgan fans by 9,506,328-1.

At this pace, roughly 88 tweets a day, the Harry Potter tweet-a-thon will take 370 days, meaning it should be done by Valentine’s Day 2018. Hopefully by that time the Big Green Bookshop can at least figure out a way to make the tweets automated. And by that time, the Big Green Bookshop will become the most popular bookstore in London, and maybe even the world.

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