There are some very strange people in this world. From the Florida man who wore a bucket while stealing a Ford F-150 to the Florida man who robbed a gas station with a drawn on beard, there are some weird people on Planet Earth.

Sadly, today’s story doesn’t involve a Florida man. Instead, the main character is a man from Albany, New York. His name? David E. Brady.

Mr. Brady has been charged with two counts of counterfeit and controlled substances according to Stereogum. The 45-year-old was charged after he brought over a thousand doses of fake drugs to Bonnaroo with him.

The major music festival in Tennessee is taking place from June 8th-11th and that’s where Brady claims he was doing “God’s work” when he set out to sell thousands of doses of fake drugs.

Brady allegedly caught the eye of officials at the festival when they noticed drugs under a tent. Deputies witnessed Brady toss them there as they walked up to him. According to a press release from the sheriff department’s spokesman, Brady had a bag of mushrooms on him when he was approached as well.

Here is a list of Brady’s packing list of drugs he brought with him:

  • Pills made to look like ecstasy
  • 22 bags of fake mushrooms
  • Around 1,000 hits of fake acids
  • Counterfeits that appear to look like cocaine
  • And a “incense stick of black tar heroin”

Honestly, at first glance I thought this guy was caught with some minor fake pills, not heroin, cocaine, acid, and more.

To make matters worse for Brady? He is reportedly wanted in Franklin County, Arkansas on a felony bench warrant. Not sure what that means, but the 45-year-old looks like he’s heading to jail… for a while.

Hopefully he at least saw some of the headliners before he was arrested? Bonnaroo this year is headlined by U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper, Major Lazer, Flume, Lorde, The XX, and Travis Scott.

[Stereogum; Photo Credit: Red Bull]

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