I’m one of the biggest Inhumans fans out there. However, the first trailer for the upcoming ABC/IMAX miniseries of the same name left me with a sour taste in my mouth. It looked cheap, it was poorly edited and everyone looked so damn miserable. Thankfully, the second trailer dropped at Comic-Con, and it’s leaps and bounds better.

I’m not going to dive deep into who the Inhumans are (read my primer here). However, this trailer does a great job showcasing their unique abilities.

First of all, Medusa’s powerful hair is shown off in full-effect and it looks great. Actress Serinda Swan looked somewhat uncomfortable in the previous trailer, but seeing her unleash her hair is freaking awesome. We’re also shown fuller looks at Triton (the green dude at the start), Crystal, Lockjaw (he still looks good!) and Gorgon kicking some ass.

Furthermore, there are Inhumans that look like aliens! Huzzah.

Most importantly, the trailer is suspenseful. The full power dynamic between Maximus, the Royal Family, and the human race is displayed properly. Maximus is mad (pun intended) the Inhumans consider him lesser because he’s lost his Inhuman gene during terrigenesis. In turn, he’s ready to take down Medusa, with Black Bolt presumably MIA. I can’t wait to see them do battle.

Considering the first trailer was stiff and hollow, I don’t even mind the Rag’n’Bone Man song playing throughout as it really amplifies things here.

So take a deep breath. While I’m not fully convinced Inhumans can pull off being a great show, this trailer inspired me with much-needed hope. Let’s hope the show follows through on its second chance.

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