Matthew McConaughey Barbie Jeep

Odds are you may have tried an impression of Matthew McConaughey at some point in time, perhaps while driving your own vehicle as you calmly reflect on why you drive what you drive. McConaughey’s passion for his Lincoln was parodied by filmmaker Eric Moyer, who had his daughter reenact McConaughey’s advertisement in her pink Barbie Power Wheels Jeep.

Masterfully done, and a spot on performance from Michelle. There have been parodies of this advertising campaign before, which alone is a testament to how far this campaign reaches, but never quite like this one.

McConaughey has done a few different takes on this campaign, but all have him calmly narrating to himself about his car choice. The ads have been wildly successful, perhaps because of McConaughey. Last October, Lincoln reported a 25 percent increase in sales. The advertising campaign launched just prior to that, with the ads appearing during college football broadcasts and more. Now all that is left to find out is how this spoof from Eric Moyer and Michelle Moyer will impact the sales numbers for Barbie Power Wheels.

For the sake of comparison, here is the Lincoln advertisement starring McConaughey…


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