Morgan Freeman’s voice could make anything sound cool. The man even makes narration for your GPS navigation into a compelling story.

So when Jimmy Kimmel had him on his late-night show, the host had to take advantage of Freeman’s gifts and did so by asking him to narrate pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard outside the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios.

Freeman is perhaps best utilized while narrating a battle between ferocious beasts in the wild, but the daily travails of a fat guy with a selfie stick is also gripping material now. It’s a story we can’t help but follow. Normally, that man would be the most uncool human being on the planet, but somehow Freeman makes him awesome. That man owes Freeman a debt of gratitude, like we all do.

And because Freeman is awesome, here is an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon from two years ago in which he talks after sucking down helium. Even that has an impressive dignity underneath the absurdity and comedy.

God bless you, Morgan Freeman. You’re a national treasure, especially for our ears. Maybe all of us should narrate our own daily, mundane lives with Freeman’s narration in our heads. Those days will be amazing.

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