Hafthor Bjornsson is strong, incredibly strong. Bjornsson plays the character Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane on Game of Thrones, who is supposed to be incredibly strong.

Just one look at the Icelandic giant and you can tell he’s strong but Bjornsson shows off his strength by participating in Strongman competitions. Bjornsson has competed in the World’s Strongest Man competition every year since 2011 and has finished either 2nd or 3rd every year since 2012. Bjornsson hasn’t won yet to actually be called the “World’s Strongest Man” and just missed out on winning this year due to a controversial referee decision.

Bjornsson had to lift a case full of something that I couldn’t possibly lift and Bjornsson was cited by the ref for “double-dipping” his final rep and was disallowed. Because of that, Bjornsson lost out on a point and that was all the difference in the title instead going to Englishman Eddie Hall. Bjornsson took to Instagram to show his evidence that he was in the right.

I’m not nuanced in the rules to figure out if that rep was wrongfully disallowed. But considering Bjornsson could probably squash me like a bug just by using his pinky finger, I’m going to say that he was robbed and should’ve won. It just seems like the smart move for me.


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