New York City may have Pizza Rat, but Toronto’s got a doughnut-stealing raccoon.

Video has emerged of a raccoon reaching between a Toronto coffee shop’s ceiling tiles and stealing a doughnut. The 30-second video shows the raccoon safely trying to stick his landing before getting the chance to steal a treat. After he gets three legs planted on the shelf and one in the ceiling, he makes his move, swiping a donut while returning to the ceiling.

Part of what makes the video so good is the people watching and giggling along, cheering on the trash panda’s attempt.

“He’s doing it. He is doing it,” said an onlooker “This is incredible.”

“Full commitment, full commitment. Go raccoon go!” said another.

It’s rather amazing that no one was horrified at seeing a furry critter swiping a doughnut behind the counter of an eating establishment. But Canadians are known to be nice. And there is something to be said for watching an animal act of revolution.

The video was captured by a Toronto-based man named Peter Jensen, who appropriately titled the description of the video as Sly Cooper and the Thevious Donutus, a reference to the video game Sly Cooper and the Thevius Racoonus. That’s a deep cut.

As a Toronto resident, I don’t think I’ll be getting any doughnuts anytime soon.


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