The first season of Mr. Robot was a dramatic shot in the arm that introduced us to Elliot Alderson and the hacking underworld he belonged to. It was relevant, leaned into an effective twist, and left audiences dangling on its unanswered questions. The second season of Mr. Robot was… none of those things.

Now the show looks to recapture what worked so well in its initial run with the third season, set to premiere on USA on Wednesday, October 11.

The first trailer for the upcoming 10-episode season was released on Friday following a social media scavenger hunt because of course that’s how they did it.

The show picks up immediately following the events of the second season finale as Elliot (Rami Malek) and Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) reunite with what’s left of F Society, trying to outrun the FBI and complete their plan of destroying E(vil) Corp and giving power back to the people (in theory, at least).

While most of the faces in the trailer are familiar, there’s a new one that stands out. We get our first look at Bobby Cannavale’s new character Irving, who is described as “a used car salesman,” but we’re guessing is a bit more than that considering we see him flanked by two masked gunmen.

The second season of Mr. Robot was a real disappointment as most of the story had the main characters spinning their wheels in waiting mode. The show also tried to replicate a similar twist reveal as the previous season, but it fell flat when many guessed what it would be before it happened and the overall effect of the reveal wasn’t worth what the show seemed to think it was.

The season also leaned heavily on darker aspects of certain characters and didn’t do enough to balance out why we should be emotionally invested in them at the same time. The best part of the season was the introduction of Grace Gummer as Dominique DiPierro, an FBI field agent investigating the E Corp hack and it’s good to see her back for the new season.

We’ll find out if the third season of Mr. Robot lives up to the hype soon enough.


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