We’re guessing most of you haven’t binged your way through season 2 of the hit Netflix show just yet, after all it was seriously just released last week and all. Still, that hasn’t stopped the streaming service from already announcing a renewal of the show for two more seasons.

The show, which follows the war between Colombian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar and the DEA, has had rave reviews for its first season and the second season was highly anticipated. Said second season has Escobar in his luxury prison, only to break out and have U.S. Special Forces on the hunt for the most wanted drug kingpin in the world.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the show was not just picked up for one season at a time, with the show runners holding a telling interview with Variety magazine.

“This show is about the choice (the U.S. made) about the war on drugs – to deal with it as if it were a problem of supply,” one of the show’s runners, Jose Padilha said. “So we go to Colombia and we will kill the drug dealers. But they cannot stop it as long as there is the demand. That’s why this show will never end.”

That last part was a not-so-subtle hint that the show won’t be ending anytime soon and that the creators of the show have a very long story to tell.

Netflix put together a bare-boned trailer to announce a third season of Narcos.

If we can draw anything from that trailer, it appears that Narcos is about to pass off the torch of drug kingpin from Pablo to another character in the show. Should that be the case (spoiler, I haven’t seen the end of season 2), it makes total sense that it would take two more seasons to get through that story arch.


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