The truth is that Netflix probably should have cut the deck on House of Cards one or two seasons ago when the quality of the show started going south and the plotlines went stale. However, in the wake of allegations surrounding star Kevin Spacey, it’s a foregone conclusion that making the upcoming sixth season the show’s last is the least they can do.

Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp came forward in a Buzzfeed article over the weekend alleging that Spacey made unwanted sexual advances towards him when he was 14 years old. It was the latest in a way-too-long-already list of men in Hollywood accused of sexual harassment, assault, or intimidation over the past few weeks. Spacey took to Twitter to apologize to Rapp but ended up creating a whole new firestorm by attempting to deflect the criticism by finally admitting publicly that he is gay. By doing so, he inadvertently drew a comparison between being gay and being a pedophile, a long-standing stereotype that the LGBTQ community has been fighting against for years.

A day later, Media Rights Capital and Netflix, the two companies behind House of Cards, made the decision to cancel the show following the upcoming season.

“Media Rights Capital and Netflix are deeply troubled by last night’s news concerning Kevin Spacey,’ said the companies in a joint statement today. “In response to last night’s revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time.”

House of Cards was Netflix’s first breakout show that not only attracted audiences but also accumulated awards and trophies. In it’s first few seasons it was the streaming service’s standard-bearer for TV quality, starring Hollywood actors such as Spacey and Robin Wright, and backed by David Fincher. Over the years, however, the show’s shocking premises started going off the rails and stretching the boundaries of believability.

Interestingly, season five ended with Wright’s Claire Underwood assuming power as America’s first female President while Spacey’s Frank Underwood resigned in disgrace. As for whether or not Spacey’s scandal or news of the show’s impending demise will affect the upcoming storyline remains to be seen.

Deadline is also reporting that Netflix’s more Gore, which Spacey is set to star in, could end up getting scrapped as well. Netflix has remained mum on that as well as the allegations, but the film about author Gore Vidal could very well get delayed or Spacey could end up leaving the project altogether.


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