Netflix has pulled the plug on drama Marco Polo.

The drama, which followed the trials and tribulations of the titular character under Kublai Khan, has been canceled by the streaming service, according to the Hollywood Reporter. After poor critical reviews and a huge production loss, Marco Polo becomes the first scripted show produced by Netflix to get axed before making it to three seasons.

“Sources tell THR that the series, across both seasons, was responsible for a $200 million loss to the streaming giant. Sources say the decision to not move forward with a third season of Marco Polo was a joint one between Netflix and TWC.”

Marco Polo becomes the third Netflix venture to get canceled. Earlier this year, Netflix announced Bloodline would be getting a third and final season. Hemlock Grove, one of the platform’s earliest offerings, was also canceled after three seasons.

The show was billed as Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones, because it featured a large, multifaceted setting, stunning costumes, and plenty of battles. Unfortunately, Marco Polo never separated itself as something entirely watchable or unique. It was more style than substance.

The monetary loss is significant, but not cause enough to cancel the show alone. Marco Polo, outside of its first few weeks, failed to capture much mainstream attention. When it was written about or discussed it often was in a negative light, and pulling the plug saves the service some cash while allowing them to allocate the funds elsewhere.

I’d wager the cancellation won’t result in a petition demanding the show’s return. I, personally, didn’t know a single person that watched Marco Polo. If this was Stranger Things or Daredevil, the outcry would be huge. But Marco Polo wasn’t even in the same stratosphere in terms of popularity as those shows, and if it was, it wouldn’t have been canceled in the first place.

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