In order to get closer with the times, Netflix is changing how we rate the TV shows and movies on the service. Instead of a traditional five star method, like a movie reviewer would do, Neflix will have a thumbs up/thumbs down concept with their algorithms looking to better match titles for subscribers. Think of it as “Tinder for TV shows and movies.”

I’m going to be honest, this is probably a great move and it has nothing to do with what people used to do compared to what they do now. A five star method has too many options. You may watch something and think it’s three stars and then watch it again sometime and think it’s four. Depending on what mood you are in at a given time, could determine what number stars you give. With a thumbs up/thumbs down method, it’s pretty easy to determine whether or not you liked the TV show or movie that you just watched.

Apparently others felt similar. In testing, Netflix reported a 200% rise in ratings logged with thumbs up/thumbs that it has now led to Netflix implementing this sitewide sometime in April.

Along with the new method, Netflix will give suggestions on what else to watch based on what you have liked in the past. It will take that data and give you a percentage of likelihood that you will like what they are suggesting. Kind of like a dating site.

While this is only limited to movies, I don’t know why it should stop there. Why doesn’t Netflix create an actual dating service that matches people up based on the TV shows or movies that we like. Maybe then I could meet a female who also loves Mel Brooks movies, documentaries, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black as well as endlessly watching The OfficeIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development and Archer. Even though I have seen each episode plenty of times. A Netflix dating service is the logical next step.

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