I am a jersey collector. Regardless of the sport, if I see a jersey that looks great or has a great story behind it (and it’s not too expensive), I add it to my collection. Normally, this is limited to actual sports teams but now that Lids has expanded their selection to include jerseys from TV shows and movies, I might need to expand my collection a bit.

A mix of hats, jerseys and jackets, think of any TV show or movie that revolved around a sport and you can imagine and it’s likely Lids has something. In fact, it’s not just limited to sports. For instance, Will Smith’s basketball jerseys from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are for sale as well as AC Slater’s football and Zach Morris’ basketball jersey from Saved by the Bell.

The majority of the selection pertains to the four major sports but there is a wide variety in each sport. In baseball, you have your choice from Ricky Vaughn’s jersey from Major League and Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down to Roy Hobbs from The Natural and Crash Davis from Bull Durham.

In terms of hockey, you can go nostalgic with a Charlie Conway Mighty Ducks jersey or go with the greatest hockey player/golfer Happy Gilmore or Jeff Hanson from Slap Shot. In basketball, there is a Neon Boudeaux jersey from Blue Chips, in addition to Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro, and Jimmy Chitwood from Hoosiers.

But the widest selection Lids has is in their football jerseys. Take your choice from Bobby Boucher (The Waterboy), Ray Finkle (Ace Ventura), Willie Beamen (Any Given Sunday), Boobie Miles (Friday Night Lights), Becky “Icebox” O’Shea (Little Giants), Rod Tidwell (Jerry Maguire), Julius Campbell (Remember the Titans), Shane Falco (The Replacements), Michael Oher (The Blind Side) and Forrest Gump’s Alabama jersey. Even the XFL is represented as Lids has Rod Smart’s “He Hate Me” Las Vegas Outlaws jersey.

There are even more jerseys so definitely check them out and try not to spend your entire paycheck on these. I know what you’re thinking and this definitely looks like an ad for Lids but I assure you I’m not getting paid by Lids to write this. Although if they want to send me Al Bundy’s Polk High football jersey from Married with Children, I wouldn’t be opposed to that.


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