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Here’s a joke: O.J. Simpson walks into a bar… then he gets kicked out for drunken unruliness.

According to TMZ, Simpson was ejected from the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas late Wednesday night after becoming disruptive at the Clique bar. Simpson was reportedly “wasted,” growing angry at hotel staff. TMZ reports that “glasses broke at the bar” but does not specify who did the breaking.

Simpson was reportedly escorted out of the hotel by security and permanently banned from returning. TMZ published this police dispatch audio.

TMZ reported that the incident at the bar occurred around midnight local time, a couple hours after a sportscaster tweeted this photo of Simpson strolling through what is reportedly the Cosmopolitan.

O.J. was released from prison in early October after serving nine years on counts of kidnapping and armed robbery. Since then, his highest profile moment came via a fake run-in with paparazzi that turned into a real run-in with paparazzi. In mid-October, the New York Daily News published photos of Simpson talking to women in a Las Vegas bar and interviewed several women who were appalled that he dared show his face. The story seemed to suggest that a Saturday Night Livsketch about Simpson’s post-prison dating life had some truth to it.

One thing that seems clear is that O.J. will not lay low post-prison. Some people in his position might stay at home and take up painting or something. Maybe spend time reading in the park. Simpson, however, seems committed to living the life he wants to live, which can’t be too easy given that some percentage of people he comes into contact with presumably recoil immediately.

Simpson is a free man now (granted, one under parole supervision), so he has every right to go to bars and clubs. For his own sake, though, he might want to keep the fights to a minimum.


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