In the final scene of Tuesday night’s finale of The People v. O.J. Simpson,  Simpson stands in his backyard looking up at a life-sized statue of himself.

040616-oj-statue-sub-3Believe it or not, the real statue that used to stand in O.J.’s backyard still exists, and the proud owner is none other than rapper Flavor Flav.

The statue was originally confiscated in 1997 and later purchased at auction by radio host Mancow Miller, according to TMZ. Miller bought it for $3,250 in 1999 and eventually gave it to Flavor Flav as a gift.

The rapper said at one point he tried to return the statue to Simpson. However, he would not accept the gift on the grounds it would be taken away by the court to help pay the $33 million settlement stemming from the civil suit won by the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

The question now is, what does Flav plan to do with the statue?


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