It must be hard to live in a famous house. You want to live within the confines of your home but always have to endure random tourists who are big fans of the show or movie show up that it’s a bit off-putting. On the other hand, if you were buying a house, you probably already knew beforehand that the house you are paying hundreds of thousands for is a famous house. So surely that was to be expected.

Some owners of famous houses embrace their claim to fame and welcome fans and some don’t. For the owners of Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad, things got a bit out of hand and owners felt they needed to put up a fence surrounding the house.

In this situations, it seemed as though fans have gone way too far and forced the homeowners into this situation. Dozens of fans show up every day, some steal rocks from the house as a souvenir (never okay) and fans directing the homeowners to do things like close their garage door or move and get out of the picture to get the perfect pic. Even having to pull down pizzas from the roof of the house just like Walter White did on the show.

In addition, it can get so bad that the commotion between tourists flow into neighboring yards and inconveniences them. I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan but quite frankly, after all this going on, I don’t blame the homeowners for building a fence. Homeowners claim that someone already tried to get around construction of the fence to get a pic.

Some fans get this feeling that just because they are a fan, they have a divine right to whatever they want. Like Rick and Morty fans and McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, the minority of fans who don’t think of anyone else but their own selfish needs make other fans appear they’re like that in comparison. No, you don’t have a right to take pics of a private residence or throw pizza on the roof of a private residence or steal rocks of a private residence. Get over yourself and show some respect.

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