Apparently an envelope screw-up at The Oscars equals harassment of accountants. You know, because sanity. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the two accountants in charge of the envelopes at The Oscars, Brian Cullinan and his partners Martha Ruiz, have begun to have people show up to their homes.

All of it because people were apparently so upset by a screw up in the presentation of the Best Picture award.

Should we really be surprised? It isn’t like envelop conspiracy theories were spread across the internet within hours of the incident.

Oh wait? There were?

Here’s the mishap, if you somehow missed it.

As for Cullinan and Ruiz, their employer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, has taken the unprecedented step of hiring extra security for the pair. Luckily there haven’t been any death threats as of yet, but there have been plenty of people stalking around their homes.

It was all made possible by some of the worst trolls on the face of this earth: people who spread others addresses around for fun.

No, seriously, people actually took time out of their lives to look up the names of the accountants and then spread their addresses across the internet.

Apparently the humiliation of the video of the envelope mix-up wasn’t punishment enough. Instead, in the era of anonymity on the internet, people decide to be vigilantes for just about anything these days.

Just one piece of advice if you are out there thinking of harassing someone for a screw-up on the job:

Get. A. Life.

[A.V. Club]

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