Memo to Ben Affleck — tattoos are permanent. Despite this knowledge, the actor went ahead and got a giant phoenix on his back in December.

Apparently the Phoenix Suns just discovered it and have taken umbrage with his questionable choice of skin modification. They trolled him hard with an idea for a replacement should he ever decide to add to his collection of Phoenix from here on out.

There’s little doubt which one looks better, and if one needs any more proof we turn to Ben’s ex, Jennifer Lopez. The Shades of Blue actress went on YouTube show Watch What Happens Live, and opined on her ex’s just revealed back tattoo (seen at the 1:16 mark).

Let’s just say she is with just about everyone else in the world — calling the back tattoo “awful” and way-too-colorful for her liking.

Had Affleck gone with a giant Phoenix Suns logo on his back, at least it would’ve had a chance to be an understandable statement of fanhood rather than a WTF moment for all time.

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