The Price is Right is the best game show in the world for people home sick from school or stuck in the waiting room at a dentist’s office, or, uh, writing online from home.

My favorite game growing up was Plinko. Not because it was the best game, as it’s not. The only skill or guessing element is when you earn the chips, and you’re not guaranteed anything from the board even if you earn all five. Basically it’s a double-jeopardy type test, where you have two chances to lose. But I didn’t care about that, because it looked like a ton of fun to climb the stairs and drop chips down the board.

Today, Ryan (no last names on The Price is Right) earned his way to the Plinko stage by bidding $1 in the showcase (always a pro move.) He then earned five chips, which is not easy to do!

And, armed with five shots, he stepped up to the Plinko board, and did this:

It was such a great performance that I’ll excuse the “lead the crowd in chants of your own name” portion of that video, but hey, he was probably barely conscious throughout most of it.

Good for Ryan! And things could have worked out much differently; according to this (unsurprisingly) detailed Plinko Wiki, there have actually been twelve instances where a contestant has earned five chips and walked away with $0. That seems, well, highly unfair, but maybe they were doing that thing where you put the chip all the way over on one of the sides.

Don’t do that.

Congratulations, Ryan. May you chant your own name while you spend that $31,500.

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