Pusha T's response to Drake.

There’s a feud that’s been running for over a decade between rappers Pusha T and Drake, but it hit a whole new level Tuesday. Pusha T’s new Daytona album dropped Friday, creating its own controversy with its use of a photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom as cover art (a choice made by producer Kanye West), and it included shots on “Infrared” accusing Drake of using ghostwriters. Drake shot back with a “Duppy Freestyle” track, asked to be paid for giving Pusha publicity, and then really shot back on Instagram (after Pusha tweeted “Send the invoice for the extra 20”) with a photo of a drafted invoice for $100,000 “re: promotional services and career reviving.”

Well, Pusha responded to that himself with a full-on diss track titled the “Story of Adidon,” which accuses Drake of fathering a secret child with former porn actress Sophie Brussaux. However, it’s the art for the single that really has the internet buzzing, especially as it turns out to be an actual photo of Drake in blackface in a Jim Crow shirt:

Yes, that appears to be a real photo from a real photographer, which has somehow been out there for two years and not commented on much. And the circumstances behind it aren’t clear, but it’s definitely not a good look for Drake. And that, plus Pusha’s response in general, is creating a whole lot of discussion:

With this coming on a NBA off night, it even has plenty making those comparisons:

And it might be Drake’s worst loss since the Raptors were eliminated. Or since he argued with Kendrick Perkins.

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