If you were ever curious as to what a Flaming Homer tasted like, look no further because someone actually did just that.

Yes, the drink that Homer hastily created after seeing his sister-in-law’s hairy legs was made into an actual drink. Nick Fisher from Cocktail Chemistry recreated a few notable alcoholic drinks from The Simpsons. Most notably was the Flaming Homer, later called the Flaming Moe after Moe stole the recipe. How did it taste? Well, just like in the show, Fisher at least didn’t go blind. Thank goodness he didn’t drink Fudd Beer.

Hearing the list of ingredients, you don’t really get a good indication that this will be a good drink. Four ounces of tequila, four ounces of peppermint schnapps, four ounces of creme de menthe and two ounces of grape cough syrup. I’m going to blame it on that the actual Flaming Homer doesn’t light on fire, which was the key to making it taste great.

Thankfully, Fisher recreated the drink using other ingredients that are slightly connected to the original drink but different in order to improve the drink. So if you’re going to try a drink, try the improved version.

Fisher also recreated two other drinks from the show. Skittlebrau, which is Homer’s beer and Skittles creation. Fisher seemed quite surprised by this and supposedly didn’t taste all that bad. The Skittles made the Budweiser taste sweet but it seemed drinkable.

Finally, Fisher recreated the favorite drink of Barney’s Japanese conceptual artist girlfriend, a single plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat. Probably best to skip that drink.


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