It’s Chris Harrison’s favorite time of year. For two hours during every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Harrison gets to go full-on therapist.

“How did it feel,” he’ll ask contestants after replaying videos of them crying following a break-up. Never mind that in nearly every one of those clips, the contestants explain exactly how they’re feeling. Nothing will keep Harrison from probing. This, after all, is his time to shine.

“Why did you hold back?” Harrison asked a still-despondent Luke after watching a compilation of Luke’s “relationship” (and, man, do I HATE how they toss around that word) with JoJo.

“I don’t know,” Luke said. “Maybe because I’ve only spent like four total days with JoJo and felt weird saying ‘I love you.'” OK, that’s not what he said, but wouldn’t that have been a great answer?

Anyway, this season’s Tell All episode was kind of a bore. We got to see Luke act as a wet blanket. We got to witness Chase pretend that he wasn’t pissed at JoJo for, as he said on Monday night, “essentially pulling his pants down and kicking him in the groin.”

And we got a whole lot of Chad. Yep, The Chad was brought back, and he was more entertaining than ever. Not quite enough to salvage the episode, but enough to provide some entertaining moments.

With that being said, let’s hand out some awards.


Duh! I mean, look how he spent his time pre-taping.

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