Rob Lowe is going to hunt Bigfoot.

Something tells me a recently-announced A&E show won’t be taking home any awards over Game of Thrones or Atlanta.

The premise of this new show on A&E: Emmy Award winner Rob Lowe is going to hunt for Bigfoot (and other monsters) with his sons.

Seriously. There are still people who will watch this.

Lowe, 53, and his sons Matthew and John, will star in the nine-episode series entitled The Lowe Files.  The series will air this summer on A&E, according to The A.V. Club. Throughout the season, the trio will travel across the United States searching for not just Bigfoot, but aliens, ghosts and more.

According to a press release for the show, Lowe has always been curious about unsolved mysteries and creepy stories like Bigfoot or UFOs. Sidenote, could this mean a Lowe-centric Area 51 series is next? Or that “Overly Paranoid Rob Lowe” was actually too close to the truth? We may never know. But we do know that there’s more evidence for a viewership for this show than there is for Bigfoot.

Back to the weird facts in the press release. The three Lowes will apparently visit  “an alien base located 2,000 feet underwater,” or whatever that means.

The storylines and scenes somehow get weirder:

“They’ll explore ‘an abandoned boys reformatory’ in hopes of talking to ghosts and they’ll train with ‘a top-secret government operative in methods of Remote Viewing.'”

This show seems rough, and we at The Comeback can promise you our own Ben Koo will not be watching. He made sure to let us all know this on The Comeback’s Slack channel. Koo’s rant started when he said if Bigfoot is ever found, we’ll find out through Twitter and the news, not through The Lowe Files.

He does make some good points about why Bigfoot probably never existed. Where are the skeletons? Unless of course that’s the big plot twist of The Lowe Files… there are no skeletons because the one true Bigfoot never dies!

If you choose to avoid this show, may I suggest you watch Game of Thrones instead? That seems more realistic to me than Bigfoot.

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