Robert Downey Jr. is embracing change in the Marvel Universe.

It was announced earlier last week that Riri Williams would be taking over the Iron Man mantle after debuting in Brian Michael Bendis’ ongoing series Invincible Iron Man.  The announcement was met mostly with praise, as the 15-year-old, black M.I.T. student is the latest change, whether it’s gender, race or age in Marvel’s current comic offerings. Of course, there were also Internet bigots/comic book diehards who thought changing the character was Marvel being politically correct and that her introduction of the character was shoehorning in diversity. That’s of course, bullshit. It’s depressingly unsurprising how the reaction to Williams becoming Iron Man is much louder than the announcement Doctor Doom would be taking over the role in a different series.

Downey Jr. endorsed Williams on his personal Twitter page.

Curious to see Williams in the suit? Comic Book Resources showed her armor designs by artist Stefano Caselli.



As an avid comic book reader who hasn’t kept up with Invincible Iron Man, changing things up and allowing a new character, with a different background to take over the superhero persona is a breath of fresh air. It makes me want to pick up the series just to see how Bendis writes the character.

The introduction of Williams in the role doesn’t mean this is the last we’ll see of the original Iron Man Tony Stark. Comic books span multiple timelines and stories, so Williams won’t exclusively be the permanent Iron Man. Still, it’s great to see Marvel continue to make an effort to expand its roster and add fresh new faces.

The question is, what will Williams’ Superhero persona be called?


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